In digital marketing, it is important to pay attention to the data related to your campaigns and your website. These metrics can play an influential role in justifying spend and showing an accurate return on investment. Simply put, understanding your marketing metrics can help bridge the gap between a struggling business and a successful business.

Here are some of the top important marketing metrics you need to consider analyzing for your business:


This is one of the most important metrics for your marketing analysis because most of your marketing efforts will be surrounded by driving traffic to the site. This metric will help to provide insight into whether your digital marketing techniques are working and will provide you with a bird’s eye view as to where you stand. This can be viewed in Google Analytics under the overview section.

Traffic Sources or Channels

This metric helps to determine where your traffic is coming from and will show you if the visitor directly came to your site, was referred by another site, searched a particular set of keywords to get to your site or came to your site from a social media channel. In addition, you can find this information by logging into your Google Analytics account and going to “acquisition report” section, then “overview,” and view by the “session” columns.

New vs. Returning Visitors Rate

It is important to measure the rate of new and returning visitors to your website to gain insight into targets for lead conversion. in addition, this will also show you what content works and brought the person in for a repeat visit. You can find this by going to “audience” then “behavior,” then “new vs. returning user.”

Bounce Rate

This metric shows how your content resonates with your viewers by showing you the number of visitors that land on one of your pages and leave without navigating to a single page. Simply put, this metric will help you improve the quality of your content to better appeal to your target audience. You can find this by going to the overview section of the audience drop-down menu.

Average Duration

This metric shows you the average time a visitor stayed on your website, and as a result, will help you optimize content for these customers to increase their session times. Similar to the bounce rate, this marketing metric can also be found in the overview section of the audience drop-down menu.

Some other important web marketing metrics to consider:

  • Exit Pages
  • Landing Pages
  • Mobile vs. Desktop Views

These are some of the must-have key metrics for your website that will provide you with an accurate picture of how you are performing and where you need to place additional effort.

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