We get it…launching a new website can be extremely tedious, time-intensive and stressful. Oftentimes, businesses overlook what they may deem “minor details,” but more so than not, these “minor details” will have a major impact on your SEO, leads, and brand image. In order to ensure that your website is top-notch, we created a checklist of items to review before your website launch.

Make sure that your design and layout are aesthetically pleasing

The design, layout, and interface of your website are some of the major things you should focus on when building your website. It is important to have a responsive website that has a robust content management system (CMS), is fully responsive, and is aseptically pleasing. Finally, you should also check for formatting consistency with paragraphs, headers, and videos.

Double-check page content for accuracy

You need to review the content on your site with a fine-tooth comb, and should proofread all website copy and premium content such as e-books and one-sheeters. In addition, you should also renew your conversion areas like forms, auto-responders, and feeds. You should also double, if not triple check, your contact details to make sure that your information is accurate. Finally, for legal purposes, you should also make sure that you have the right to use the images or videos on your website. Also, and if you need to cite the images, you should double-check to make sure that the citations are visible and accurate.

Test your site for user experience (UX)

You should test your website across all devices to ensure responsiveness. The website should be tested on all browsers, mobile devices like Android and iPhone, and tablets.

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Keep SEO in mind

When building your website, SEO should be at the forefront. In order to ensure that your website receives the optimal amount of viewers you should go through your pages to ensure that all of the pages are titled (less than 70 words), includes your keywords, and has metadata descriptions. You should also make sure that your website is properly synced to Google Analytics and Google Ads accounts to ensure that you can properly analyze and optimize your website pages.

Remember to check all of your links

You should double-check all of your links before going live. Also, do not forget to add “http://” to all external links leading to other websites and make sure to include a logo homepage link, which is a good element of any website.

Ensure legal compliance

Prior to your website launch, you should also make sure that your website complies with all laws and regulations. We recommend consulting with legal counsel and a digital marketing agency that has experience in this area. Some things to consider include cookie usage, PCI compliance, and WAI-ARIA compliance for users with disabilities.

Launching a website can be a very exhausting task, but our team of talented internet marketers are here to help. We can design your website, create your content, and optimize your website for SEO. To set up a free consultation call us at (850) 750-6636.