A product page is your website’s online store and is one of the most important pages on your website. The information, quality of images, and ease of use on a product page are some of the key factors that determine conversion. While these pages can be quite time consuming to create, our team made a quick and easy guide to creating your product page in 90 minutes or less!

Make it Simple

The first element of your product page is strategic planning, which includes choosing a strong product title and description. This will make your product page easy to go through navigate. In addition, your product title should be clean and easy to understand for visitors. It is also best to incorporate relevant keywords and tags to increase search results.

Incorporate a Clear call-to-action (CTA)

At this stage, it is best to make the CTA as clear and as visible as possible. You should have an “Add to Cart,” “Add to Bag”  and “Proceed to Checkout” buttons and not a redirect link.

Make Sure It Is Responsive

Your entire website should be mobile friendly and should have a very quick load time. Get your free website review here.  

Use Catchy Product Images

A high-quality product image is required for your product page.  You need to make sure that your visitors can see your products clearly. You should also utilize the carousel feature for your product images and make sure to include images from different angles.

Include Exact Dimensions

You should clearly state the product size, materials, review and FAQs.

Test, Test, Test

Before launching, you should test your page on both mobile and desktop. Also, you should test your product page on different browsers.

Bonus: A/B Testing

Once the item is live and you are comfortable with your page, you should play around with A/B testing. Some things you can test include images versus videos, product descriptions, and the call-to-action.

These are some of the tactics you can easily implement to create your page in 90 minutes or less.  If you are encountering issues with your pages or have a few questions regarding e-commerce stores, visit our website or call us at +1 850-750-6636 for a consultation.