Studies have shown that videos outperform static images on social media channels, and in fact, 64% of customers are more likely to buy a product online after watching a video about it. As the world’s leading video platform, YouTube is a great way to showcase your company and attract potential customers. However, as the volume of noise increases on YouTube, it is recommended that you create an SEO strategy to increase your chances of discovery.

Before you get started optimizing your channel, the first step is to conduct in-depth keyword research. For instance, you should be conducting research to see what your audience is interested in and how they discuss the topics of their interests online.

Here are some ways that you can optimize your YouTube channel for SEO.

Name your video file using a target keyword. 

After performing keyword research, you should rename your video file to the target keyword that will have the largest impact. From there, YouTube will detect your video file’s name and use that to rank your video according to those keywords.

Optimize the video title with your keyword.

The title plays a big role in video ranking on YouTube. Make sure your video title is catchy, concise, and includes the keyword that you are targeting.

Optimize your video description

Make sure to take advantage of this area by including all relevant keywords. This is your chance to expand upon your video, include vital information, and provide a call to action! In turn, YouTube will reward this with a higher rank!

Add relevant tags.

YouTube tags are a critical component to increasing your rank and visibility. The three different types of tags are specific (keyword specific), compound (more than two words), and generic (tags that describe the entire video). It is recommended that when adding tags you include brand-specific tags, use YouTube auto-suggest, and use the YouTube keyword search tool.

Post a captivating thumbnail.

The thumbnail is usually the first image that your viewers see from your brand. If it appears unprofessional, they will not consider watching it. It best to make sure that you have good lighting, a customized thumbnail and professional images.

Include embedding options and transcripts.

In order to receive maximum exposure, you should allow users to embed your video into their blog or website. It is also recommended that you upload your own transcript of the video. These measures will be taken into account for YouTube’s rankings.

Categorize your video.

You should always be categorizing your videos. This is an easy way to receive viewership from interested watchers and subscribers.

Bonus: Content may be king but consistency is queen.

YouTube’s goal is to build a subscriber base full of longtime, loyal followers. Thus, consistency is necessary.

Aside from the tips provided, you should also focus on cleaning up your YouTube channel to ensure that they are properly optimized. After that, you can begin developing new videos that incorporate these tips. If you are serious about increasing your subscriber base, SEO is key. We understand that overhauling a YouTube channel can be time-consuming, but our team of social media experts is here to help. Give us a call at 850-750-6636 to learn more about how we can optimize your YouTube channel for SEO!