If you have just started you are working on a lot of your marketing in house, you may find it challenging to understand some of the marketing software out there. We have compiled a list of free marketing software that you can use today to help grow your marketing presence.


Here is a sample content calendar in Airtable.

Airtable is a project management program that works very similar to a spreadsheet and can be used as a database to store anything for customer relationship management such as project planning, task management, and inventory tracking.

Yoast SEO

This WordPress plugin is excellent for writing SEO-focused content. This plugin does a great job at optimizing content as it pertains to a keyword, reviewing and editing meta-descriptions, URL, and suggesting relevant inbound links. We highly suggest adding this plugin to your marketing arsenal because it will make your site as search-engine-friendly as possible.


Loom is a no-nonsense screen recording software that allows you to quickly and visually show a step-by-step process. In addition, the video is also instantly shareable and is great to explain something as quickly as possible.


Here is WeTransfer’s home page. Simply drag and drop your files to receive a compressed, downloadable link.

WeTransfer is one of the best file-sharing tools on the market! This program allows you to share up to 2GB for free.


Here is Canva’s user-friendly flyer template page.

Over two million people use Canva to create social media images, blog post graphics and more! This tool includes ready-made designs, layouts, and drag and drop format, which makes it easy to use for virtually anybody.

HubSpot’s Free CRM

Another great is HubSpot’s Free CRM! The interesting about this program is that it is an all-in-one marketing tool that is used by designers, marketers, and developers all over the world. Also, free features include email tracking and notifications, prospect tracking, meeting scheduling, and live chat!


This free, online photo editor allows you to edit images in bulk. In addition, the free version is a great deal and includes resizing, compressing, rotating, and cropping images of different formats such as FIF, PNG, TIF, JPEG, or raw format and more with just a few clicks!


Here is Small PDF’s easy to navigate homepage.

This is one of our team’s favorite tools! Smallpdf’s web-based tool performs basic PDF editing functions such as editing, e-signing, compressing, converting, merging, splitting of PDF files. In addition, Smallpdf offers more than 15 PDF tools and functions.


Hootsuite is a social media management system used to schedule and post updates to Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Twitter, Google+, WordPress, Pinterest and other platforms from one place. This tool really simplifies content management for a social media manager, individual, and teams.


WordPress is an online open-source website creation tool that allows you to host and build websites. This platform is one of the easiest and the best blogging, content management system (CMS) tool used all over the world today. In fact, most of the big brand websites you probably used are built on WordPress. With WordPress, you can create any website for your portfolio, business, blog, or online store.

Bonus: Hotjar

Hotjar is a powerful analysis tool built to collect and analyze the behavior, activities, and feedback of users on your website. This tool gives you the complete visibility and big picture on how you can leverage your website’s user experience by improving your website performance and turn more visitors into potential customers. It also provides heatmaps, click maps, scroll maps, and visitor recordings!

These are a few programs that are essential for your marketing efforts. Do you have more questions about how to grow your brand? Give us a call at +1 850-750-6636.