Customer retention should be at the forefront of your eCommerce marketing strategy. Retention is key to growing and sustaining a successful eCommerce business. In fact, it is five times cheaper, retaining a client than looking for new clients. Simply put, if a company overlooks its existing clients, they will feel a negative impact on their ROI. Below are some ways to improve eCommerce customer retention.

Incorporate email marketing

An email marketing strategy should be part of your overall eCommerce strategy. Your email newsletters should include welcome messages, updates, and promotions to ensure that your customers remain engaged.

Create a loyalty program

To reward the shoppers, every eCommerce business should create a loyalty program. The loyalty program will aid in retaining customers since the purchasing process is incentivized. To the customers, they will be taking advantage of the great deals offers while also supporting your company. The loyalty program shouldn’t just exist on just your website and should branch out to your mobile app (if applicable) and social media platforms. Some incentives for the loyalty program include dollars off products, a free gift, and more!

Improve customer support

Customer service is the key to any successful retention strategy. In order to retain the clients, your customer service team should be responsive by phone, email, and social media. You should also consider installing a virtual assistant on your eCommerce website to answer frequently asked questions and to assist customers with making a purchase.

Offer delivery and return options

You should also remember that you are here to solve a problem for your customers. Thus, their shopping experience needs to be made as simple as possible. Offering the client’s delivery and return options should be made more comfortable since there are different types of buyers. Free returns should be given to the impulse buyers while one-day shipping should be for the procrastinating buyers. In addition, each type of buyer should be provided with their return option. Having a delivery and return option will improve the confidence of the buyers. Thus, buyers will always be willing to shop again.

Provide customers with a reason to create an account.

The final way of retaining a client is by giving them a reason to create an account with your business. The clients will have committed themselves to receive emails from the business. The relationship established between the business and the client is mutual-beneficial.

However, the brand should remember to give the client a reason why it’s important to create one. The process of creating an account should be simple and should also require a few minutes of your customer’s time. The key information your business should require during sign up is the name, email, and password. Once registered, the client should receive all the offers, discounts, and new products offered by the brand.

Since customer retention is cheaper than customer acquisition, a large emphasis should be placed on ensuring your customer receives quick and easy shipping and returns, is kept up to date with sales and promotions, and feels valued. For further help optimizing your eCommerce store, contact us for a complimentary consultation.