While your businesses’ follower count is important, your engagement rate is vital to see an ROI. Unfortunately, in this day in age, it has become harder than ever to see engagement from organic posts. Our team created a list of Facebook post ideas to help you see an increase in engagement.  

Post Behind the Scenes 

Behind the scenes videos and images help humanize your brand and give them a glimpse into what your brand is like on a deeper level. 

Post Trending News

Visit the trending news section of Facebook and post things surrounding the trending topics. Posting trending topics will allow you to interact with your audience.

Post a Selfie

Post a selfie that relates to your brand or industry. This will show a more casual, relatable side of your business. 

Post Informational Content

As a way to establish yourself as an industry expert, you should consider posting informational content. This includes tips, tutorials, and industry news. 

Post Frequently 

Consistency is key when it comes to Facebook. To receive a high engagement rate, you should post consistently. 

Boost Your Posts

If possible, boost your posts. 

Include Seasonal Posts

Running low on content? Consider adding seasonal posts into your social media strategy. Incorporating seasonal posts will serve as excellent filler content and will also help you achieve consistency with posting.

Post Your Blog Articles

Do you have a blog? Share these stories on your social media channels!

Post a Poll

Not only will posting a poll increase engagement, but it will also help you receive valuable market research. 

Ask Your Audience Questions

Posing questions is a great way to encourage dialogue with your audience! It will allow them to get to know your brand further while also giving you a glimpse into your target market’s lives. 

Add Hashtags to Your Posts

Research the top hashtags for your industry and include them in your posts. Including hashtags will increase your visibility and, in turn, can improve your overall engagement. 

Post Team Photos

Typically, followers enjoy seeing the face behind the logo! It would be best if you considered posting pictures at team meetings, behind the scenes, and company culture related pictures. 

Post Awards and Nominations

It would help if you also considered posting your awards and nominations as this will help establish your company as an expert in the field. 

Post Reviews

Posting client reviews and testimonials are a great way to grow to build credibility in your area. You can simply pull these from your website and republish these onto social media. Here’s a review from our website that we share on our social media channels.

Engage with Fans

Have fun, and engage with your fans. Let your brand’s personality shine! 

These are a few simple Facebook post ideas to help increase your audience engagement. Remember to post consistently, remain true to your brand voice and tone, and to post high-quality images.